Giving gifts with meaning.

I don’t know about you, but the most treasured gifts I have received have been thoughtful MEANINGful gifts. We all would agree the meaning behind a gift makes the gift all the more special. And it’s special to both the giver AND the recipient.

This holiday season we are offering special gifts that have significant meaning. While food is plenty for most of us, food is the gift Fed by Bread is excited to give.

140303_ANLM_EH_299_webThese sweet Rwandan hands are holding a bowl of the food we want to give to each Rwandan student at Kageyo B Primary School.

Food is freedom. Food is life. Food is liberty. Food is dancing. Food is hope.

The holidays are quickly approaching and we’re excited to offer some unique gifts that will help us give more lunch bowls. In addition to all our holiday baked goods, we have about 65 beautiful aprons sewn by the women of Africa New Life’s tailoring school (New Life Threads) we want you to wear or give! For the suggested donation of $40 (or more), you can have one of these beautiful unique aprons.

apron-8301-2Each is unique and beautiful. Place your order before they are gone…wouldn’t this make a perfect Thanksgiving dinner host gift? Or a great gift to yourself for making Thanksgiving dinner? We think so.

Give a gift with meaning…and you’ll also be providing the gift of food to more kiddos around a Rwandan school lunch table.

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