Fed By Bread donates all profits from our baking to support and feed children in Rwanda, so every loaf of bread you purchase from us here helps feed a child there.  While purchasing bread is the primary way you can support these children, we’ve heard from a number of people who want to give a little extra, to help us with supplies, equipment, and baking more bread.

To donate to Fed By Bread in this way, use the Donate button below.  Fed by Bread is a registered Not For Profit 501c3 Tax Exempt Corporation in the State of Texas, and all donations are tax deductible.
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If you would like to give directly to the children in Rwanda, you can do so through Africa New Life, in two different ways:

1.) Sponsor a Specific Child
By sponsoring a child, you help to break the cycle of poverty in Rwanda and free a child to dream. You change the world for one. In addition to education, each sponsored child receives shoes, a school uniform, scholastic materials and basic medical insurance. 90% of child sponsorship funds directly help your sponsored child in Rwanda. Your relationship as a sponsor is critical in your sponsored child’s life. As a sponsor, you are considered family. They love you, pray for you and know you by name!

Sponsor a Child through Africa new Life


Watch a Video About Child Sponsorship



2.) Sponsor a School Meal (or 50!)
For many children in Rwanda, you can’t talk about food without also talking about hunger. Children who know hunger understand that food is the difference between life and death, but they also notice small things about food that we take for granted. Food gives you energy to learn and pray in school. You can climb trees and play soccer. You can fetch water. Without food, none of this is possible.

Africa New Life will serve 1.2 million meals this year. Click the donate images below to help give a school meal. Every dollar buys food for our students and their families.





Watch a Video About School Meal Sponsorship