Who We Feed

We believe children are of great value and deserve to receive love and compassion. Because of the difficult cycles of poverty and disease in Sub-Saharan Africa, many children have become vulnerable or orphaned.

We partner with viable community development organizations that are able to bring hope to these valuable children. They do this holistically by providing necessities like meals, education, and medical care as they share and live out the redeeming message of the gospel. Some of our partners include Africa New Life, Compassion International, and World Vision.


I’d like you to meet Gisubizo, our Compassion sponsor child from Rwanda. Visiting this sweet child and her family made it very clear the power of child sponsorship. Fed by Bread is very supportive of organizations working to holistically serve vulnerable kids through love and compassion.

In July of 2014, Fed by Bread began partnering with Africa New Life working in Rwanda. Rwanda is a beautiful country also called ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ but is probably more notably known for the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. While this extremely devastating point in Rwanda’s history is well known, the strategic rebuilding, restoration, and reconciliation that has occurred in the last twenty years is quite remarkable. However, there is still much rebuilding to be done and FBB gets to be a part of serving some vulnerable Rwandan children.

140304_ANLM_EH_682_webThere is a sweet primary school in the eastern part of Rwanda called Kageyo B. This school is comprised of children grades 1-6 and they all wear happy yellow uniforms. There is a joy that exudes from these children that captivated me when I visited. They love to dance, they love to sing, they love to laugh, they love to learn.

140304_ANLM_EH_122_webBecause ANL has a school in their remote village, these children are getting the opportunity to learn and hopefully graduate from high school.  Almost all of the children at the school are sponsored through the child sponsorship program, however the food they receive at school is critical since there is probably  not enough food at home.


Every day the kids line up at lunch and drink a hot cup of cereal (nutritional porridge). While at Kageyo, I saw all the clean cups lined up that had been used to drink cereal and clean water. While we’re grateful the kids are getting lunch, what if each child could eat a bowl of whole food nutrition? What if each went home after school with energy to help their chores and study for exams?


Over the past year, we are grateful their lunch has gone from this…


to this.



Since the children started receiving hot porridge at school, Grace, the child sponsorship coordinator at the school noticed a significant change in the students.

“The food is really helping them, they used to doze in class, and now every child is active in class. At the lessons after break time, they go back to class with some energy. It’s different from how they used to live. It’s really helping them a lot.”


Food helps you think. Food helps you learn. Food is fuel. Food is life.




Fed by Bread is excited to partner with Africa New Life to help provide better lunches for these children. Every product we sell or donation we receive will go help to feed lunch to these kids.


This is why we exist. Baking here…feeding there. Literally.


Will you join us in feeding some kids?


(Photo credit to all photos except the first: Esther Havens)