Our Partners

When we began looking for organizations to partner with, we quickly found some fantastic organizations that holistically serve children in Sub-Saharan Africa. During the holiday season of 2012, Fed by Bread partnered with Amazima in Uganda to provide over 17,000 meals to children in the Masese Slum. The past five years we have sponsored children and given to campaigns through World Vision and Compassion International. While we will continue to sponsor Sisay, Rametu, and Gisubizo, we are excited to begin a long-term partnership with Africa New Life (ANL).
Why Rwanda

Kageyo School RwandaIn July of 2014, I visited a school in the eastern part of Rwanda called Kageyo (Kuh-jay-o). This area of Rwanda is populated by many returning Rwanda refugees who fled the country during the genocides. Many of these Rwandan families reestablished their lives in surrounding countries, but were forced to relocate and many returned to Rwanda with little to nothing.

In the village, there are two primary schools run by ANL, however, Kageyo B is where FBB is partnering. Kageyo B is a newer Africa New Life School that educates almost 800 kids. Being new, there are many needs for the school, however the biggest need is food.

While most of the children attending Kageyo B are sponsored, food costs continue to rise and child sponsorship fees are unable to cover all the costs. During our visit, the lunches at Kageyo B consisted of a nutritional porridge served every other day to each child. Beginning in the summer of 2014, Fed by Bread partnered with ANL to help boost the lunch program at Kageyo and give these beautiful Rwandan kids the food they need to grow and live to their full potential. We are thrilled to partner with ANL to watch these little lives be transformed.

Update early 2015: After the new year began, we received wonderful news that our partnership (along with others) has helped boost Kageyo B’s lunch program to where the kids are receiving a whole foods lunch every day! So grateful these students bellies will be full every school day!
Why Africa New Life


Africa New Life exists to break the cycle of poverty in Rwanda by providing education, spiritual insight and basic necessities to poor children and families. Since 2001, Africa New Life has shared the gospel using two hands: the hand of compassion—helping to meet basic needs and give hope for the future to those living in poverty in Rwanda—and the hand of evangelism—sharing the freedom and hope found in Christ.
What sets them apart from the others?

  • African New Life was founded by Rwandans, for Rwandans.
  • They run some of the top schools in Rwanda. (~In 2011, our school in Kayonza tested as the #1 secondary school in the nation, out of 1,061 schools.)
  • Africa New Life is solely focused on Rwandans and is run by Rwandans (in-country).
  • They are helping rebuild lives affected by the Rwandan genocide of 1994.