Fed By Bread BakersIn 2009 Fed by Bread began in a humble home kitchen in Corpus Christi, Texas. As a small cottage bakery, we began baking and selling good homemade bread to the local community. We gave all our profit to sustainable development projects serving Sub-Saharan Africans greatly affected by cycles of poverty.

As Fed by Bread began selling more bread, we began targeting a specific demographic deeply affected by poverty cycles: children.

We believe children matter and deserve to receive love and compassion. Because of the difficult cycles of poverty and disease in Sub-Saharan Africa, many children have become vulnerable or orphaned.

We partner with viable community development organizations that are bringing hope to these valuable children through sponsorship and other community programs. They serve children holistically by providing necessities like meals, education, and medical care as they share and live out the redeeming message of the gospel.

While our baking location and menu has changed over the years, we still seek to sell exceptionally tasty and fresh breads to the South Texas community. Every purchase allows us to partner with organizations (like Africa New Life) and invest our profit in the future leaders of Rwanda.

We are passionate about baking good bread and inviting our local community to join us as we enjoy bread to extend hope to these children. Food changes lives.


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