Monthly Archives: September 2010

Taking next week off

If you happen to read this and are planning to place an order next week…I won’t be baking. I’ll be in Portland (Oregon, that is) with my hottie. Either place an order this week or wait til after October begins! I’ll be back on the 5th baking. Read more →

Tasting Time!

This past weekend, our friend Katie hosted a “Tasting Tea” to introduce her friends to FBB. I took pictures of everything but the people who came…here’s what the spread looked like. If you’re interested in introducing your friends to FBB by a ‘Tasting Tea’ (or if you have another idea), let me know! I provide the goods…you invite your friends.… Read more →

a bit of baking

This week was quite a week for FBB. Though we had no orders placed on Tuesday, people made up for it on Thursday! 7 pans of cinnamon rolls, 6 mini loaves, 6 regular loaves, and more dough for the weekend ‘FBB Tasting Tea.’ Whew…what a day! Great to see well over $100 going to great projects. On that note, if… Read more →